i'm a student and a sewer who rambles about the things I make and what inspires them

Anonymous said: HI, i was think of making my own tribal theme duck bag but i cant seem to find any dimensions would you mind giving me the dimension you used for your previous duck bag inspired tote. It would be great if you could.

yup! my bag is 13.5 x 11.5 x 4.5 in inches. good luck with your project!

Anonymous said: Hi, I was wondering if you could make a tie dyed baggu duck bag for me? due to all the Shabd being sold out everywhere.

yes, i would love to! although, i’ll be out of the country for the next month. so if you’re ok with waiting, i’ll be back the week of july 23, and you can email me then at colee.m.d@gmail.com

Anonymous said: I looove the bright silky button up blouse, do you provide instructions to make this piece? :)

thank you so much! ahh, the pattern i used from that is this old pattern from the 80’s (Vogue 9881), so i don’t think i could post it online (plus i don’t have a scanner). but that’s a good idea, maybe i will post one of my own patterns soon….

finished blouse

neu fabric



I admit it: I still watch Project Runway. It can be silly. Does one really need to know how to make clothes using only pet shop supplies? Only for Project Runway. Although, in a recent episode, Nina Garcia was wearing a blouse that I liked. The bodice was black while the sleeves were a bright coral- there was also a glittery maze design on the front, but I’ll ignore that…

Here’s my take (minus glitter maze)

diamondsinthecage said: omg FINALLY!!! you are so talented! dd showed me some pics of things you made! can i pay you to make me something?

aww thanks lily! i’d love to make something for you! have anything specific in mind?


Baggu is great. Simple design available in so many colors and colors. And holy crap is “Baggu” a fun word to say. I’m tempted to buy one of those Baggu 3-packs and use them for grocery trips, but I’m pretty sure I’d end up forgetting them every time I actually have to go to the store. Thinking realistically about how much use a bag I owned would get, the duck bag seems like a good fit. It’s the perfect size, has two smaller handles, and a crossbody strap (which are the BEST).

And so, I decided to try my hand at a tote inspired by this bag.

First I dyed some canvas. I bought some black Rit dye and hoped for the best. After 1.5 days of soaking in a storage container in my backyard, the canvas looked like purple tie dye- oh well. It actually ended up looking quite similar to the shabd tote…

I drafted this pattern using a paper grocery bag. The dimensions except for the width (which I took in) are the same.